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Download our Guide for supporting Children and Young People with migraine








Download our Young Persons guide to migraine







Support at school

If you are working in a school, your support for those affected by migraine is vital. We know that 1 in 10 children are affected and approximately 2.75 million school-days are missed each year because of it.

We have been taking action as part of the Health Conditions in School Alliance to ensure that all children with health conditions get the support they need. For more information on supporting children with medical needs in all educational settings, download this useful guide. For legal guidance on the school situation, download this helpful information booklet.

Spread the word

Whether you’re a youth worker, teacher or volunteer – we have resources that can help you to raise awareness of migraine and support young people who suffer. Our guide for young people can be downloaded here and we would be happy to provide your organisation with a printed copy. Please email us

We also have specific information for parents and school nurses.

Run a session

We recognise the need to raise awareness of this condition amongst all young people. Those who suffer describe living with migraine as ‘isolating’, ‘painful’ and ‘feeling misunderstood’, which is why we have produced some activities to demonstrate how debilitating it can really be.

The activities below are suggested for young people aged 13-24:

Fact or Fiction

This fun activity aims to challenge some of the misconceptions around migraine. There are many more examples and if you would like to run a further session on this topic, please get in touch!

Migraine Glossary

This matching exercise gets young people talking about the different terms they might come across when talking about migraines.

Stages of an attack

This ordering activity challenges young people to match each stage of a migraine to the description given.

Get young people involved!

As well as providing free membership for under 18s and discounts for 18-24s, there are loads of opportunities for young people to get involved in our work.