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Polls and surveys

Migraine Action regularly conducts polls and surveys, the results of which help us to learn more about peoples’ experiences of migraine and provide us with statistics for use in our campaign work and to help us generate interest in the media.

Help us by taking part and sharing your views.

Our simple ‘yes or no’ polls take seconds to complete, and our surveys only a few moments of your time. (If you are not able to take part online you can contact us and we can gather your responses over the telephone).

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Find out the results of previous polls and surveys here.

Do you have more than one migraine trigger?
Closed: 22/12/2015 Started: 22/07/2015
Yes (85%) No (15%)
Does the hot weather affect your migraines?
Closed: 31/12/2015 Started: 22/07/2015
Yes (56%) No (44%)