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Do you get more than one migraine trigger? Does the hot weather affect your mirgaines?
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 Medical Research and Migraine


Help Us by Sharing Your Experiences

MA continually needs migraineurs around the UK who are willing to share their stories with the media about the realities of living with migraine. Please complete this form and return it to us.


We want to hear from Young Migraineurs too.

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A very important aspect of the work done by Migraine Action is our collaboration with academic institutions in order to understand the causes and reduce the impact of migraine.

We are regularly commissioned to undertake surveys and studies with our members. Please contact us on info@migraine.org.uk if you would like to participate.


  Research Questionnaires...

Our research questionnaires allow us to gather important data about many facets of migraine. The results are often used to inform ongoing research initiatives and may also help us to raise awareness of migraine through the media.

Our last questionnaire was commissioned by YorkTest Laboratories and looked at the effects of diet upon migraine. This survey is now closed and the results should be available in the near future.


More Information  Public Polls and Surveys...  

Simple Yes/No polls can tell us huge amounts about migraine. Over the years we have conducted many polls about migraine triggers.

Each poll runs for aproximately 6 months, and the results are used in our scientific research.

We have two polls currently running. One asks whether you have more than one migraine trigger and the other asks if you are affected by hot weather.

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 Scientific Surveys and Research...  
Migraine Action is regularly commissioned by academic institutions and scientific organisations to conduct detailed research and surveys. Please contact info@migraine.org.uk for more information.