Migraine Awareness Week
3rd-9th September 2017





Migraine Awareness Week 2016 poster

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Migraine Awareness Week 2016 general booklet

Help us reach even more   of the 1 in 7 affected by migraine

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Migraine Awareness Week 2016


The World Health Organisation ranks migraine as the 6th highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability! With over 8 million people in the UK, both young and old, living with migraine, we are striving this Migraine Awareness Week to ensure that the 1 in 7 affected receive the help they need and deserve. 

Will you help us to support the 1 in 7 affected by migraine?

We need your help to reach as many people as possible this Migraine Awareness Week to highlight the debilitating affects migraine can have and help those affected take control.

There are lots of ways you can get involved! 

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           Migraine Action  

Spread the word

Help those affected know that there is someone for them to call for advice, support and information on everything migraine. Contact us at info@migraine.org.uk for your free pack by post, including posters and booklets, and help spread the word. Or download our Migraine Awareness week poster now! 

Download Migraine Awareness Week Poster

Plus join us on Facebook and Twitter to help us reach even further!

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         Migraine Action

Share our Migraine Art Collection

We hold one of the few migraine art collections in the world. The collection, which includes over 500 pieces, contains a huge variety of expressions of what it means to experience life with migraine. The artists come from every walk of life, and include works by both adults and children. The collection includes depictions on a variety of subjects, from visual patterns experienced by those with visual aura, to the pain aspects of what a migraine really feels like. Now for the first time, thanks to the fantastic support of University of Leicester and Dr Katherine Foxhall, Migraine Action’s Art Collection is freely available for all to access and use.

The art collection is available to view online for free! Explore the site now by visiting www.migraineart.org.uk

To find out more on why art can be so important in breaking stigmas click here.


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          Migraine Action

Join the fight

Share your story

Share your migraine experiences to help show that migraine is #NotJustAHeadache. Get in touch now at info@migraine.org.uk

Become a member of Migraine Action

We strive to ensure that no one is misdiagnosed, misunderstood or missing out.

Will you help us continue to be there tomorrow? 

For only £25 a year, become a member of Migraine Action, help support the 1 in 7 affected by migraine and receive all these great benefits:

• Challenging Migraine quarterly magazine, including latest treatments, research & top tips for managing attacks

• Discounted entry to our Migraine Insight events all over the UK

• 50% off our Specialist Nurse service

• Monthly e-newsletters

• Invitations to the latest research studies

• The chance to meet others affected by migraine as part of the Migraine Action community

Join today, and help us be there tomorrow 

Become a member

Support groups 

Migraine can be an isolating condition. No one should suffer alone. If you would like to join a support group or start one in your area with our help, get in touch.

It's time to end the isolation. Contact us today


Get inspired and start fundraising for Migraine Action in this years Migraine Awareness Week! Find out more 

Some 25 million working- or school-days are lost every year because of migraine! Yet many do not receive effective care - in the UK only half of those identified with migraine had seen a doctor for headache-related reasons in the previous 12 months, and only two-thirds had been correctly diagnosed. 

Together we can help all those affected to take control 


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