Challenging Migraine October 2015

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Migraine Information Leaflet: Challenging Migraine october 2015

Challenging Migraine, Migraine Action's magazine, including information about:


Migraine Action in Wales: Lobbying at the Welsh Assembly to help meet the needs of migraine sufferers across Wales

Migraine Awareness Week: Fighting misconceptions on migraine

Challenging Migraine Myths: Working with young people across the country to break down the stigma surrounding migraine

Migraine Feature: Tania shares her top migraine tips for the winter months

A day in the life of a Migraine Clinic: Anne-Marie Logan tells us all about the St George's Hospital Headache Service

Latest Research: Find out all about the link between diet and migraine as we discuss the results of a research study conducted by Natalia Kerkham of Westminster University


The leaflet is available as a PDF download or we can print and post a copy to you.

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