We are not alone!

Migraine Awareness Week Is fast approaching!

We’d like to share with you why it is so important for all of us to reach out to those affected by migraine at a young age. People like Imogen;

“I would say I have suffered from migraines for a while without realising, since I can remember I have always been sound and light sensitive. However, when I joined college at the age of 16, my attacks became a lot more noticeable and frequent! I was having three attacks a week with complete paralysis on my right side. Getting a diagnosis for hemiplegic migraine took a long time as it was a while until I was referred to a specialist - around 6 months! 

Although I am happy with finally being diagnosed, I do find it an extremely difficult illness to explain and be understood. It has caused me to have to drop out of college and make extreme changes to my life. 

Imogen suffers Hemiplegic migraine

Currently, I am on Candesartan and Cyclizine (for nausea). For me, it does really help my migraines as it has made my attacks far less frequent. However, it has made my Restless Leg Syndrome worse, which I am finding quite hard to deal with! 

For me I feel my main triggers are light, noise and caffeine. I find it extremely difficult managing my exposure to light as most high street stores, colleges, etc, are extremely bright and trigger an attack. Therefore I try to limit my time out in these bright lights and wear sunglasses whenever possible! I am still learning my warning signs. However, at the minute I can tell I feel more easily wound up before an attack! After feeling like this for 30 minutes my attack usually comes on! 

Although everyone around me has been so supportive, I do feel that more awareness for this illness needs to be raised. I feel most people automatically assume migraines are just 'bad' headaches, whereas migraine sufferers realise it is so much more than that! 

My family have been the most amazing help to me, they have kept me so strong and supported me throughout every low point. I'd say suffering with this illness would have affected me so much without these special people in my life. I owe my Mum, Dad, Sister and Boyfriend so much for never getting annoyed with me, helping me throughout everything and making me laugh over these past months. Moreover my friends have stuck by me and always been there for me even when i've not been able to see them. Migraine Action has also been a massive help to me. Its allowed me to see that no matter what i'm going through, I'm not alone - there are people out there going through the same!”

Not everyone is as lucky as Imogen to have such great support from family and friends. For too many young people suffer migraines that leave them feeling lonely, fearful and vunerable.

That’s why we desperately need your help in raising more awareness of this neurological condition! We need to ensure that sufferers no longer suffer in silence and that they have an understanding friend to talk to at Migraine Action. 

Join us this September for Migraine Awareness Week. Help us reach out to those who are sadly misdiagnosed, misunderstood and missing out. Download the Migraine Awareness Week poster here >

If you have had a similar experience to Imogen, or want to find out more about migraine contact us today at info@migraine.org.uk or call 08456 011 033. 

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