Top 10 tips for a migraine free Christmas and New Year

Enjoy a migraine free christmas this year with these top tips

With sleigh bells ringing and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Christmas and New Year are a time for enjoying the festivities with family and friends. To ensure you enjoy the season to the fullest and keep the migraines at bay, here are our top 10 Christmas and New Year tips for enjoying an attack free holiday season.

1. Christmas can be a busy time, so don’t over exert yourself! Too much activity can lead to an attack. Sit in a dark room with no noise or distractions and remember to take time out for yourself.

2. As tempting as it can be, try to avoid triggers over Christmas e.g. chocolate or caffeine. Triggers are different for everyone so try to keep in mind what sets off your attacks.

3. Try to stick to a set sleeping pattern - over sleeping or under sleeping can affect how you’re feeling, so attempt to have as much structure as possible.

4. Don’t forget to keep filling out your migraine diary! Even if you are feeling 100% healthy it’s always essential to keep a track of your diet and health – even set an alarm to remind you!

5. Know your limits! As easy as it is to get carried away over holiday season be sure to know when you need to rest and recuperate.

6. Make sure you keep drinking water – for many becoming dehydrated can cause a migraine to start!

7. Try to do some light exercise. Even if it’s just a light family walk – getting out and about can help prevent a migraine starting.

8. Make sure you don’t forget to take any medication you are on. This may seem an obvious ‘tip’, but during busy times taking your tablets can slip your mind so make sure you set an alarm.

9. Limit your exposure to intense light. Since bright/ flashing lights can sometimes lead to migraines, wear sunglasses on bright winter days and festive nights.

10. Most importantly – relax and have fun! Stress has been linked to migraines and keeping it at bay can help to reduce migraine frequency and severity. So over the Christmas festivities make sure you have a fun relaxing time with your family and friends.

What are your top tips for a migraine free Christmas and New Year? Share your thoughts below and help everyone enjoy a migraine free holiday season. If you would like to discuss migraine call us on 08456 011 033 weekdays from 10am to 4pm or email us at 

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