Sodium Valproate Survey

Are you a woman aged under 50?

Are you currently taking sodium valproate (Epilim®, Depakote®, Episenta®) to treat migraine or have you in the past? Or have you ever discussed possibly taking sodium valproate with your doctor? If yes, then we are keen to hear from you.

We are working with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to gather information on patient experiences with sodium valproate. The MHRA are an executive agency of the Department of Health and are responsible for regulating medicines in the UK.

Gathering data directly from patients is vital to help ensure that medicines are used safely and effectively and that patients are fully informed of the benefits and risks of the medicines they are taking. Sodium valproate is currently the subject of an extensive review across Europe and while it is not licenced in the UK for the treatment of migraine it is sometimes used for this so it is important that your experiences are heard.

Please be assured that your response is entirely anonymous, that individual responses will not be shared outside of the MHRA where they will be stored securely, and that the information you provide will be used only to inform the ongoing review of sodium valproate.

This short survey should only take a few minutes


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