Running miles for migraine

The biggest fundraising event in the world

Gareth at the Great North Run, before he tackles the Virgin London Marathon for Migraine Action


Running 26 miles in the shortest possible time and taking part in the world’s largest fundraising event is no mean feat! On the 24th April this year, Gareth Fuller will be donning his running vest, tying his laces and joining the other 35,000 plus runners at the Virgin London Marathon. Three time Great North Run participant Gareth will be running on behalf of Migraine Action in one of the hardest endurance fundraising challenges.

We spoke to Gareth about why he wanted to support Migraine Action and how he felt about taking on the 26 mile challenge.

“I'm running on behalf of my wife Nicola who has been a member of Migraine Action for many years. She first had an attack as a 9-year-old and was initially off school repeatedly for short periods to recover, spending time with doctors diagnosing the problem and finding the right medication. The attacks continued throughout teenage years and eventually led to her having to give up long-distance running which was identified as one of the many triggers for the attacks.  

“Even now today, certain food and atmospheric triggers can set off an attack, but it is much better than previously - simply by managing and avoiding situations that might cause a problem. At the first sign of an attack, Nicola finds it best to lie down in a dark room, but looking after a 5 and 1-year-old, it's not always possible.

“Sadly most people are not supportive of migraine. In modern life and on TV, it's often used as an excuse or even occasionally as a joke. Anyone who has lived or been with someone experiencing migraine attacks appreciates the problem more, but it's still not the same compared to the person who is actually having the attacks.

“I am both nervous and excited at the same time for the big day. I've run the Great North Run three times and decided to try the longer distance. When the chance came up to apply for the place, I thought it was a great opportunity. It definitely won't be easy on the day itself or with the training, but I'm determined to finish! I'm really looking forward to running on behalf of Migraine Action.


If you would like to show your support for Gareth and help him reach his fundraising target of £2,000, helping all those affected by migraine across the UK click here>

Or send a cheque made out to Migraine Action to Migraine Action, 4th Floor, 27 East Street, Leicester LE1 6NB, and mark the back of the cheque with “Donation to Gareth’s London Marathon”.  Or you can make a donation over the phone, by calling us weekdays between 10am and 4pm on 08456 011 033.


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