Ride The Lightning

Our brand new young peoples' booklet is available by post or to download now - for FREE!

Migraine Action: Ride the Lightning

We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new migraine booklet for young people!

Want to understand the different treatments available? Want to feel more confident in explaining the phases of an attack? Want to know more about migraine? Then this is the booklet for you!

You can download the booklet now by clicking on the link below. Or call us on 08456 011 033 (weekdays 10am - 4pm) or email info@migraine.org.uk
 and we will send you your copy in the post - for FREE! 


It's Time To Ride The Lightning - Take Control Of Your Migraines 

Download for Free > (713KB)

Email us for your free copy by post >

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