Result of the vote on the future of Migraine Action

Result of the vote on the future of Migraine Action

Thank you to those who attended Extraordinary General Meeting of members on 2 June and to those who submitted a proxy vote.


We are pleased to advise you that, of those who voted, 79% voted in favour of the special resolution. The charity will now be closed and the net assets donated to the Migraine Trust.

This will create a significantly larger national charity which we believe will be able to better serve the needs of people affected by migraine across the UK.  

Closing the Charity

From 16 July 2018 we will no longer provide the helpline service and our website will not be available. People trying to contact us will then be asked to contact the Migraine Trust. If you have any questions or queries about the Migraine Trust and their activities before then, please contact them directly:



Phone: 020 7631 6970

Mail: The Migraine Trust,

           52-53 Russell Square,


           WC1B 4HP       

Current Membership

Members are being sent a letter about what happens next which includes the information in this article.

Current membership arrangements will cease when the charity closes. We have cancelled payments for those who pay by direct debit but you may wish to check with your bank that these payments have been stopped.  For those of you who make payments to us by standing order we are unable to stop these payments so could you please contact your bank to stop them.


If you have left a legacy to the charity in your will, then your executors would normally be expected to ensure that it is passed to the Migraine Trust.  However, to avoid any uncertainty, and to make sure that your legacy benefits migraine sufferers, you may wish to change your will so the Migraine Trust are named as the beneficiary. Please contact the Migraine Trust directly for more information.

Thank you

We are extremely grateful to all those who have given donations to the charity over the years. Without your support, we would not have been able to provide help or advice to people affected by migraine – a service that has been a lifeline to many.  

We must also pay tribute to the extremely dedicated current and former staff, trustees and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to support the migraine sufferer.

Whilst this is undoubtedly a time of change for people affected by migraine, we are confident that there is an exciting future ahead as we strive for that world free of migraine.

Michael Wakefield

Chair, Migraine Action Incorporated
For and on behalf of the Board

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