Pain Research at the University of Bath

Young people needed for research study

Researchers from the Centre for Pain Research at the University of Bath are interested in talking to young people who experience pain and their families to help us understand what it is like for individuals and their families to live with pain and to learn more about how pain is understood.

Existing research studies have shown that living with ongoing pain can pose different challenges for young people and their parents as well as for other family members. However, what we know little about is how young people who experience pain make sense of their pain and what it is actually like to live with pain on a daily basis. Additionally, we also little about how pain in young people impacts on and is understood by other family members.

In this study, Dr Abbie Jordan and Dr Elaine Wainwright are interested in asking young people and their family members to tell us how they make sense of living with pain and its impact on family life. Using Skype, the researchers will conduct interviews with young people and their families to understand more about how pain is understood and experienced within the family. Participants will also be asked to take part in a brief creative task to reflect their experience of pain.

The researchers are keen to talk to:

  •  young people aged 11-20 years who have experienced pain for at least three months and
  • their family members (at least one parent/caregiver of the young person).

If you would like to find out more information about the study, please contact Abbie at


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