Online Migraine Study

Tracking The Migraine Cycle

An on-line study to track changes in visual perception that occur over the migraine cycle is being undertaken at the Univeristy of London by Dr Alex Shepherd and Michael Fourie.

The aim of the study is to track changes over time and associate these changes with when migraines occur. If they can demonstrate changes, it may be possible to develop an application so that those affected can learn to predict the likely occurrence of a migraine attack and take steps to try to avoid it.

They are looking for people who are prepared to participate regularly, ideally daily or every other day, over several months. It just takes a few minutes each day. On the completion of study, you will be entered into a raffle which has five £50 gifts as prizes.

For further information on the study and to take part visit the on-line study page or email Dr Alex Shepherd at

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