Migraine Awareness Week Poster from Migraine Action




You may have recently heard that this year’s Migraine Awareness Week (6th-12th September) will focus on young migraine sufferers. All too often young people are misdiagnosed, facing a barrage of different medications that do not touch their symptoms, whilst struggling to manage their attacks. Those who are fortunate enough to get a diagnosis can often continue to fight, but an entirely different battle; explaining to those who think it is just a headache that it is so much more - something that all too often continues in the transition to adulthood.

This is why Migraine Action are inviting you to support Migraine Awareness Week and share your experiences as we shine the light on those who have been misdiagnosed and misunderstood. We strive for an inclusive society that provides a safe space for young people surrounded by a supportive community that better understand this debilitating health condition.

To kick off, no matter your age, simply comment below with four words you would use to describe your migraine (e.g. “Not Just A Headache”) or check out this year’s Migraine Awareness Week poster for inspiration. Help us to show what migraine really is!

If you would like to support Migraine Awareness Week further, follow us @migraineaction, contact us via info@migraine.org.uk and download the Migraine Awareness Week poster by clicking here > 

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