Migraine Awareness Week

Migraine Awareness Week Poster from Migraine Action Misdiagnosed? Misunderstood? Missing out?

Too often migraine is dismissed as just a headache.

Too often we have to explain why we cannot attend that birthday party or travel that distance.

Too often this starts when we are young and is a battle we continue to fight for the rest of our lives.

As part of Migraine Awareness Week (6th-12th September), Migraine Action will be focusing on young people and we want to hear your stories. We know that 1 in 10 young people suffer with migraines; but what does that really mean? How does it feel to be a young person living with migraine? What support is needed to ensure that nobody suffers in silence?

This year the focus is on you! If you have suffered migraines since childhood or your teenage years we would love to hear from you. If you ever felt excluded because of your migraines we want to tell your story so that no one else has to ever feels the same.  We want to highlight the individual truths of migraine and prove that migraine is #NotJustAHeadache.

Sharing our stories will help to break down the stigma around migraine, and show how strong we really are. Whether you are currently living with migraine as a young person or have a story to share, follow us @migraineaction or drop us an email at info@migraine.org.uk 

Download this years Migraine Awareness poster here >



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