Migraine Action's BBC Radio 4 Appeal starting strong

Migraine Action's BBC Radio 4 Appeal is off and running

After months of hard work between Migraine Action and BBC Radio 4, the national support charity's appeal is finally live. With the help of the very talented Dr Sarah Jarvis, Migraine Actions appeal focusses on how migraine is not just a headache. 


You can listen now by clicking here >


Dr Sarah Jarvis spoke to Migraine Action about her own migraine experiences: 

“I get almost all of my migraines at the weekends or when I’m on holiday, which has a huge impact on my working life as well. I do not suffer aura but for a few hours before the migraine starts I am suddenly overwhelmingly tired. The throbbing is almost always on the left hand side of my head, and I am intensely sensitive to light and sound. I feel nauseous, dizzy and lightheaded, and find it difficult to concentrate. Being out in daylight is almost unbearable (even a brightly lit room at night is impossible). I’m pretty good at soldering on when I feel unwell (20 years as a full time working mother has seen to that!) and I wouldn’t dream of stopping work for a tension headache, but with a migraine just walking across a room can seem like having to climb a mountain!

I had less severe migraines for years, but they became much worse 6 years ago during a very stressful period of my life. I’ve tried taking combinations of painkillers (paracetamol or aspirin with ibuprofen) as soon as the headaches started, and triptan tablets. For me, giving up caffeine has dramatically reduced my migraines – I wasn’t drinking more than about 4 cups of coffee a day but I had to quit completely.” 

Migraine Action BBC Radio 4 Appeal with Dr Sarah Jarvis

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