How a migraine is so much more than just a headache

Migraine Action invited sufferers to give 4 words to describe migraines

Exhausting, frightening, hidden, unending

Migraine is a neurological condition with an array of symptoms. 

But too many think that a migraine is just a headache - an excuse to stay at home. 

To dispel this migraine misconception we previously told you 4 words we would use to describe migraine: Not Just A Headache. You contacted us in your hundreds to tell us what 4 words you would use to describe what a migraine really is. 

Just some of your responses can be seen here and demonstrate how migraine is so much more than a headache!

To help continue the fight against migraine misconceptions, we want you to join us in Migraine Awareness Week in sharing postive thoughts, words of inspiration, your top tips for managing a migraine, and what you wish someone had said to you when you first experienced an attack.

There are dark days with migraine, but together we can share our experiences and support each other in fighting this neurological condition, that is too often misdiagnosed, misunderstood and often leads to us missing out. Comment below or join us on Facebook and Twitter 

Don't forget, as part of Migraine Awareness Week, Migraine Action invite young people affected by this neurological condition to join our Youth Migraine Chat. Join us 9th September at 5:30pm by clicking here >

With almost 9 million people in the UK affected by migraine together we are stronger!

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