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Migraine Action partners with Migraine Buddy

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We are delighted to announce that Migraine Action has partnered with Migraine Buddy, the new intuitive migraine tracking reporting app. Like a traditional diary, the app allows you to track your migraines and note any triggers; but Migraine Buddy it more than just a diary. As well as tracking information such as sleep levels using smartphone sensors, Migraine Buddy provides you with insightful and detailed reports, helping you to assess the effectiveness of prescribed medication or relief methods. Using the app you will be able to identify triggers even more effectively than keeping a traditional diary. With every aspect of your migraine tracked in one place, you can easily discuss with your doctor the effects of a treatment or how your migraine has changed, at no extra effort.  

At the same time data collected by all who use Migraine Buddy will provide neurologists and data scientists with the information needed to fight this condition and work towards one day finding a cure.

CEO of Healint, François Cadiou said; “Our data scientists have already begun to decipher how various factors such as lifestyle choices, geographical location and preventative measures affect the onset of migraine and when it is likely to strike for a particular cluster of patients.”

Migraine Buddy UK Statistics

Through our partnership we, here at Migraine Action, are excited to be able share results with you from across the UK just like these. 


With close to 100,000 users worldwide already on Android (Google Play), Migraine Buddy launches on iPhone Friday 27th March – reaching more sufferers than ever before.

For the first 24 hours of launch, Migraine Buddy will be available for download for free on the App store so download on iPhone today!

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