Expressing Migraine Through Art

Collection of Abstract Migraine Aura Art by Rafa Montilla Art

Rafa shares with us his migraine story and tells us what inspired him to project migraine aura thought these geometric art pieces.

"I have suffered from migraines for the last 32 years and it has deeply affected my life. Only those who suffer from migraine or know someone that does will fully understand what a migraine is like, otherwise they think it’s just a headache.

When I start to experience a migraine aura, I despair because I know that a really bad headache will follow. I try to get home as fast as I can, because in those moments I can become almost blind. My aura normally starts small and then gets bigger and bigger as time goes by. I drive very carefully, knowing it’s dangerous but I am desperate to get into a darkroom as soon as possible, before the migraine aura is gone. If only there were darkrooms available for us when an attack started so that we could wait until family or friends come to help.

Migraine causes me such a pain, that it does not allow me to do anything. When I was in Venezuela I had them more frequently. They could last for two to three days. Now living in Miami, Florida, they seem to last for only for one day.

I have found that my main triggers tend to be Coffee, Alka-Seltzer and Stress. Since I have identified these culprits I have stopped consuming them and this seems to have helped reduce the number of migraine episodes I get.

To help me cope with the migraine and also raise awareness of this very misunderstood condition I have been inspired to show people what my aura is like through art. I have always loved drawing, painting and colours as a child. My collection of artwork is based on colourful abstract geometric shapes. I hope you can relate to my artwork and share it with others to increase awareness and understanding of migraine.

As an unexpected gift I found a place where beauty abounds.

Abounds, do not die. Beauty lives in Victory,

However, my own sadness defeats it and I pass from the charm of winning to the disappointment of losing.

I have a strange migraine that wants to defeat me,

But I'm going to firmly confront it…

The aura of migraine

It's a strange invasion

That I strive to defeat"


Rafa Montilla



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