Could a daith piercing be your migraine cure?

BBC Radio Leicester invite Migraine Action to speak about a novel migraine cure - could it help you? 

Migraine can be triggered in us in a variety of ways; lighting, hormones, dehydration just to name a few. The symptoms we experience are just as mixed, ranging from sickness to blurred vision and so many in between. Trying to pin down how to treat your migraine is the aim for all of us, and for Natalie, one new fashion accessory has meant just that. 

Natalie, like many of us, has tried many treatments over the years, and estimates that she has spent in excess of £5,000 on treatments for her migraine and Daily Persistent Headaches. After hearing of an interesting treatment, a daith ear piercing, Natalie felt she had nothing to lose, and whilst continuing with her ongoing treatments opted to try to daith piercing. 


We joined Natalie on BBC Radio Leicester to discuss the amazing success she has seen with her unusual migraine treatment. You can hear the interview by clicking here or on the image below and listening in from 1 hour 10 mins.


                                                                                        BBC Radio Leicester with Migraine Action


If you have any queries in regards to daith piercing, or want to find out more about complimentary treatments call Migraine Action weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm on 08456 011 033, or email us at 

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