Affected by low energy bulbs - share your experiences

Migraine Action is looking to hear from migraineurs who find that their attacks can be triggered by low energy lightbulbs.

The Spectrum Alliance, of which Migraine Action is a member, has set up a new Facebook page and wants to include regular [annoymous] case-studies of people who are affected by low energy bulbs.

We would love you to provide a paragraph or two on your experiences that we can make into a short overview case-study to go on the site. Information should include when and where the lighting can effect you, how severe and immediate its impact, the severity and frequency of attacks, how you try to manage attacks, the general impact that low energy lightbulbs have on your life and condition, along with your age, area of the UK you are base etc. Please include your name but this will not be included in the casestudy.

Help us to raise awareness of the health implications of these new bulbs as part of Spectrums campaign by sharing your experiences.

Please email Rachel Markham at Migraine Action or call the office on 0116 275 8317 for more information.

Visit and link Spectrum's Facebook page here.

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