A study investigating where migraine comes from and how they are managed

Can you help with a research study investigating how sufferers make sense of their migraines and what they do about them?

As part of a final year dissertation project at the University of Surrey, Jessica Cox, a undergraduate student is carrying out research to investigate peoples experiences and beliefs surrounding migraines. She is hoping this research will provide a greater understanding of peoples behaviours, beliefs and experiences of living with migraines.

To take part in the survey you need to be:

  • 18 years or over 
  • Prone to migraines - including self- diagnosed migraines
  • Have not been diagnosed with a neurological condition, a co-morbid pain disorder or an internalising disorder such as depression or anxiety

The study will involve you completing an anonymous online survey. Initially you will be asked to complete questions on your beliefs and health behaviours.You will then be asked to complete questions about yourself and your own experiences of Migraines. There is no constraint on the time taken to complete this study however, it is estimated to take about 20 minutes. 

To take part in the survey or to find out more please click here.





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