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Get Creative competition - the winners!

Many find their experience of migraine difficult to communicate and struggle to describe the pain that they feel. Portraying this misunderstood condition through artwork can be very therapeutic, and can also be a useful way to demonstrate the impact of migraine to those who do not suffer first-hand. We have a wealth of art-work dating back to 1970’s from men, women and children of all backgrounds, that help to document the lived experience of migraine sufferers.

To keep this work alive, we have been working closely with Fran Kelly, who is a talented artist and prop-maker, as well as a dedicated member of Migraine Action. During the last few months, children and young people were invited to draw their migraine for a chance to win a £25 Amazon Voucher.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to get creative. We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions; the originality of each was fantastic and we are so grateful to all those who entered. Our chief executive, Simon Evans, had the hard task of deciding the winning entry. 


We would like to say a huge congratulations to Joseph from the 15 and under category, and to Georgina from the 16 to 24 category!

Migraine Action artwork competition winner 15 and under category

Winner Joseph, aged 10, sent us a poem to help explain his migraine artwork entry. 

  Migraine Action competition poem submission

Migraine Action artwork competition winner 16 to 24 categoryWinner of the 16 to 24 category, Georgina, aged 20, told us more about her entry;

"My drawing is a self-portrait of when I have my worst migraine. I

often describe the pain as having a metal burning rod going straight

through my head and it comes like a lightning spark! The eyes represent

the way I’m unable to see. I can no longer open my eyes and I have to

be in complete darkness and also I feel like they are sunken in from pain." 

The Get Creative competition may be over, but keep an eye out for exciting

new competitions in 2016. Plus share your artwork, poems and

experiences with us throughout 2016 and beyond, and help 

show non-sufferers the reality of living with migraine.

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Share your comments below on how similar these winning entries are to your migraine experiences. 

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