If you cannot find a local support group, why not consider setting one up?

We can give you the help and guidance you need to start your own support group, and put you in touch with other group leaders who can provide you with some useful tips. 

We will also assist you with literature and support you in any activities or events that you organise.

Although it can be hard work at times, setting up a group is a very rewarding way of taking action yourself to manage migraine. Email us at info@migraine.org.uk for further information.


 Support Groups


Get involved with activities and events

In addition to offering information and support, our voluntary support groups also get actively involved in other activities. These could include fundraising for Migraine Action, planning events and help raising awareness.  To get involved, contact your local support group now.

Migraine Action depends upon donations to help with publicising and providing assistance to local support groups. Setting up and maintaining such a group is a great way of helping out, but not everybody has the time. Providing a small donation can help us to help the people who wish to make the effort to set up a local group in their area.






We are aware of support groups set up in the areas below.

If you would like to join them or find out more information then please get in touch by  emailing info@migraine.org.uk or call us on 08456 011 033.


1. Bridgend: Fran Kelly and Sheila Kelly

2. Liverpool: Kim Hughes

3. South / West London:  Sally Flatou

4. Bromsgrove: Caroline Sproule

5. Epsom Downs: Anita Jenner

6. Jersey: Alicja Blacharska

7. Wolverhampton: Kerry Foyle

8. Ruthin, Wales: Peter Jones