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Children and young people get migraine too

Many people think of migraine as a condition which affects only adults. In reality migraine affects people of all ages including 10% of schoolchildren (there is research to show that it is even likely to affect babies and toddlers).

Due to this lack of awareness, and as migraine in children and young people can present very differently to migraine in adults, the condition can often go unrecognised or is not treated / managed appropriately. Children, young people and their families can often feel isolated and misunderstood - this shouldn't be the case.

Migraine Action is here to help and has, with the help of experts, developed a range of support resources.

Click here to view all the current information resources available as part of our Young People's work.

A quick guide to the symptoms of migraine in children and young people

Children and young people can find it hard to describe their symptoms, which don't always include a head pain and can instead focus on abdominal pain. If attacks come in defined episodes, and your child is well in between, visit your GP to have a diagnosis of migraine confirmed.

Increased sensitivity to light, sound, and / or smells Aches and pains and excessive tiredness
Abdominal pain Dizziness
'Aura' - neurological symptoms such as visual disturbance, confusion, numbness Nausea and / or vomiting


  Supporting Children and Young People
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