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Guidelines have been produced for the management of migraine for use in the UK by doctors and nurses.
The Migraine in Primary Care Advisors (MiPCA) and Migraine Action now present guidelines to help patients manage their migraine.

Key responsibilities

Successful migraine management is most easily achieved through effective communication and co-operation between the patient and healthcare professionals in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Patients and healthcare professionals both have rights and responsibilities in this relationship:

  • Patients have responsibilities to attend appointments, provide accurate information, complete questionnaires and diaries as requested and follow the treatment plan agreed with their doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional.
  • Healthcare professionals have responsibilities to make and monitor appointments, provide the patient with accurate information, diagnose and assess the severity of the migraine, agree a management plan with the patient, provide appropriate treatments and regularly monitor their effectiveness and safety.

An overview of actions for patients and healthcare professionals:


Guidelines to help patients manage their migraine:

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