Migraine Diary

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Migraine Diary

A Migraine Diary is a simple but effective way of managing your migraine. It can help you to establish certain patterns in your attacks.

Your attacks may be triggered by a certain combination of trigger factors, like when you miss a meal AND experience stress. Either factor on thri own may not be enough to trigger an attack, but when combined they do.

Using the diary systematically for a period of time may help to establish some patterns to your headaches and may enable you to take action to prevent them or manage them better. It can also help you to feeel more in control and this, in itself, can also reduce the frequency of your attacks.

The diary can also help to show your doctor how much of an impact migraine has on your life. Whenever you visit your doctor your should take your diary along, as it will help him/her to implement a specific treatment plan for you.

You can also order a hard copy of our Migraine Diary by clicking here.

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