Do You Have Migraine?


Symptoms Factsheet

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There is no specific medical test to confirm migraine; it is generally diagnosed by typical symptoms.

We know that migraine affects many individuals including children, however, in children typical symptoms can differ to those experienced by adults. Please click here to find out more about typical migraine symptoms in children.

A doctor can usually diagnose migraine if you have typical symptoms and an examination which does not reveal any abnormalities. Sometimes people with migraine have non-typical headaches or symptoms; therefore tests are often performed to rule out other causes.

  Section 1:  
  1. Do you have a headache?    Yes    No  
  2. Are you otherwise well between attacks?    Yes    No  
  Section 2:  
  3. Are your headaches preventing you conducting normal daily activities?    
  4. Do you feel nauseous?    
  5. Are you more sensitive to light?    
  6. Do you feel sensitivity to sound or smell?    
  7. Are you experiencing visual disturbances? (flashing lights or zigzag lines)    
  8. Are you experiencing stiffness and/or pins and needles?    
  9. Are you having difficutly concentrating?    
  10. Are you struggling with speaking (words getting confused, forgetting what you are saying?