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 Migraine Action are here to help you take control

Until there is a cure, Migraine Action is here to help you take control
With 50 years’ experience, we are here to help you to identify your triggers and recognise early warning signs. Until there is a cure, we are here to provide you with information on treatments to help bring your condition under control and keep you informed about the latest research. 

Plus our friendly, confidential helpline is here for you to talk through your migraines with those who understand. Call us weekdays from 10am to 4pm on 08456 011 033*




More than just a headache

Migraine is a complex neurological condition, which can affect the whole body and can result in many symptoms, sometimes without a headache at all.

Migraine can be easily overlooked or mistaken for other conditions and can affect people in many different ways.

Symptoms can include: visual disturbances (flashing lights, blind spots in the vision, zig zag patterns and many more), nausea, vomiting, debilitating head pain, pins and needles, numbness in the limbs and even paralysis. To find out more about symptoms click here.

Attacks can last from 4 to 72 hours, with most migraine sufferers keeping well between attacks.

Migraine is triggered by an enormous variety of factors - not just cheese, chocolate and red wine! For most people there is not just one trigger but a combination of factors which individually can be tolerated. When these triggers occur altogether, a threshold is passed and a migraine is triggered. The best way to find your triggers is to keep a migraine diary. Download your free diary now!

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Did you know?

1 in 7 people in the UK suffer from migraine.

Migraine costs the UK around £2.25 billion every year.

The World Health Organisation has classified headache as a major health disorder and found it to be the sixth highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability.

Migraine affects twice as many women as men.

Migraine affects people from all age groups (even young children). Find out more about migraine in children and young people.

A migraine attack can last for between 4 and 72 hours.

Sufferers experience an average of 13 attacks each year.


Find out more about migraine, what causes it, different headache types, and migraine triggers.

Migraine treatments

Until there is a cure for migraine, finding pain relief and controlling attacks is key. There are a wide range of treatments available, from acute and preventative medications to complementary treatments. Migraine is a complex condition, and a treatment that is successful for one person may have no effect or be unsuitable for another. Migraine Action are here to help you understand the options available and find what works for you. Contact us weekdays 10am to 4pm on our dedicated helpline on 08456 011 033*.