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For more information on how we spend your money please download our Annual Report and Accounts.


 how we spend and raise money


Migraine Action receives no Government funding and each year has to raise over £250,000 each year from donations, fundraising and other activities to be able to continue to provide what we consider to be our vital services. We rely on our supporters for 85% of our income.



 How We Raise Money


 How We Spend Your Money

Migraine Action Income       Migraine Action Expenditure

Every penny you raise via your fundraising efforts on our behalf makes a real difference to people with migraine. Only through your active membership and generous donations of time and money are we able to continue to undertake further research on migraine, its causes, diagnosis and treatment, and help many migraineurs to successfully manage their migraine.

Your support and donations have enabled us to undertake various projects that have helped us to raise awareness of migraine and better inform migraineurs on treatments and research that can help them to control their migraine.


To find out more about how you can help us raise the vital funds we need, either as part of your corporate giving programme, or as an individual, club or society, please click on the items on the left.

Some of our key activities include:

  • Grants: For example providing core funding for migraine specialist staff at various headache clinics. £1,100 funds a headache specialist nurse to provide advice on our helpline for three months.
  • Projects: We produce comprehensive information and resources packs for young migraineurs, parents, teachers and school nurses. £150 will help us put together an information pack.
  • Awareness raising: £2,000 will help us to fund a Migraine Education Day for migraineurs across the UK continually raising awareness of migraine in the media.
  • Information and support: Information booklets on various aspects of migraine, our website and our helpline all provide continual support to migraineurs. £40,000 helps to pay for our patient helpline which deals with over 8,000 calls every year.