Fundraising Through Recycling


How much rubbish do you throw away every month?

Why not help the environment and raise money for Migraine Action by sending all your used ink jet cartridges to our recycling partner who gives Migraine Action £1 for each cartridge? We also receive a generous donation for old mobile phones, so ask for your supply of envelopes now. You could also ask friends and colleagues to recycle their old clothes and jewellery, even a car! Migraine Action receives a donation for everything we recycle.

Just let us know and we can send you a quantity of our special recycling envelopes.

Please note - we can't send you an envelope for your old car!



Scrap Cars
Inkjet Cartridges


Old Stamps

Please send us your used stamps!

We collect all stamps including British and Overseas stamps it does not matter if they have been used or if they are everyday first and second class stamps.

The stamps are sold mainly by weight, valuable stamps like special editions can be sold at a higher price. We normally get around £15 for 1kg of stamps.

How to sort and send your stamps:

  • Please leave the stamps on their backing paper with about approx 5-10mm border around each stamp.
  • When sending the stamps as an added bonus for the charity, please try to use modern commemoratives, high values preferably, which are available at all Post Offices as postage. The gold labels used instead of postage stamps have no value to collectors and should be avoided if possible.

Please send all stamps to:

Migraine Action
Stamp Appeal
P O Box 6107
KW16 9AB

Please tell your family, friends, work colleagues, schools and local authority groups to get involved as the more stamps collected the more funds can are generated.

Thank you for your support x