Fundraising Through Recycling


How much rubbish do you throw away every month?

Why not help the environment and raise money for Migraine Action by sending all your used ink jet cartridges to our recycling partner who gives Migraine Action £1 for each cartridge? We also receive a generous donation for old mobile phones, so ask for your supply of envelopes now. You could also ask friends and colleagues to recycle their old clothes and jewellery, even a car! Migraine Action receives a donation for everything we recycle.

Just let us know and we can send you a quantity of our special recycling envelopes.

Please note - we can't send you an envelope for your old car!



Scrap Cars
Inkjet Cartridges


Jewellery Recycling

You can help benefit the environment and raise money for Migraine Action at the same time by recycling.

We are running an unwanted Jewellery Recycling Collection; if you have any gold, silver, costume jewellery, watches etc. taking up space in your jewellery draw, then why not send this to us and free up some of your storage space?

We even accept damaged, broken or incomplete items, odd earrings and snapped chains, any of these are a great start in helping us to turn your unwanted items into a donation which can help us to continue to support you.

What is the cost?
Sending us the items does not cost you anything, all you have to do is parcel up the jewellery and post it free of charge to Migraine Action at the following address:

Migraine Action Association

To request a Jewellery Recycling envelope please contact us on 0116 275 8317 or email

Please ask your family, friends and colleagues to participate in this Jewellery Recycling Collection. Recycling is one way in which our community can lessen their usage of resources and help protect the environment.