Fundraising Through Recycling


How much rubbish do you throw away every month?

Why not help the environment and raise money for Migraine Action by sending all your used ink jet cartridges to our recycling partner who gives Migraine Action £1 for each cartridge? We also receive a generous donation for old mobile phones, so ask for your supply of envelopes now. You could also ask friends and colleagues to recycle their old clothes and jewellery, even a car! Migraine Action receives a donation for everything we recycle.

Just let us know and we can send you a quantity of our special recycling envelopes.

Please note - we can't send you an envelope for your old car!



Scrap Cars
Inkjet Cartridges


Recycle Clothing 

Donate your unwanted clothes to MA!

We have signed up with The Charity Ecosystem, which helps collect unwanted clothing and raises funds for charities in the process.

To order a bag and arrange a free collection date to pick up your unwanted clothes simply visit

The Charity Ecosystem can even claim Gift Aid back from the Government on the cash value of the clothes helping us to raise more money for the donated clothes..