A Reminder of the Issue

Migraine Action is an original member of 'Network for Patients', a group of forty charities, lead by The Patients Association, who came together early in 2010 to look at the main healthcare issues which should be highlighted to political parties (prior to the general election) and to campaign for improved healthcare provisions for our members on an ongoing basis.



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If you are affected by this issue and may be willing to share your experiences with the media, please get in touch. Contact Rachel via email here or call 0116 275 8317.


Migraine Action acts as the 'voice of migraineurs' The charity often campaigns on the issues that are important to the 8 million migraineurs in the UK. For information on current campaigns please click on the links below.

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Incandescent Light Bulb Ban
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  More Training for GPs Campaign
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  Health Conditions In Schools Alliance
Health Conditions In Schools Alliance

The Sunday Telegraph (18th April 2010) featured a letter from group. To read the article click here.

A joint manifesto was prepared which aimed to ensure that the voices of patients and carers were at the "heart of the debate" on the future of health and social care during the general election. 

The main areas focused on Trust in your GP, Trust in your local NHS and Trust in your politicians, demanding clarity from politicians, transparency from the NHS and support from GPs in accessing help from groups like Migraine Action:

  1. Encouraging GPs to ensure their patients are aware of what patient support groups they could seek help from for information & support relating to their conditions.
  2. Introducing a requirement for national announcements on funding to be supported by a framework to ensure funding is spent locally as announced/intended.
  3. A request for more clarity and detail from political parties on how they plan to fund health and social care for the duration of the next Government and beyond.

You can read the full Network for Patients manifesto, which was supported by Migraine Action, here. The press release regarding this activity can also be accessed here.

In May 2011 Network for Patients issued a joint statement in response to the Government's listening exercise regarding the Health and Social Care Bill. We believe the Government needs to put patients at the heart of the NHS and highlighted six improvements it believed should be included in the Health and Social Care Bill:

1) Ensure GP Consortia effectively engage with all patients and put them at the heart of their plans
2) Improve integration across health and social care by strengthening the role of health and wellbeing boards, and the NHS Commissioning Board
3) Create a healthwatch that is independent, well-resourced, transparent and able to act as an advocate for all patients
4) Include measurements for outcomes of the most vulnerable
5) Ensure childrens' services are embedded in health and social care
6) Improve access to specialised services for those with complex needs

This campaign received coverage on the BBC's Health website.

To read the statement Network for Patients prepared click here.

If you have any feedback regarding this activity we would be delighted to hear from you. Email info@migraine.org.uk