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The new energy saving bulbs are in reality Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFL), a type of fluorescent bulb specially designed to replace an incandescent bulb. They use less energy and are a popular option for use in carbon reduction initiatives but fluorescent bulbs have a tendency to flicker because they radiate a different light spectrum. While this flickering may not be noticeable to the naked eye, to some migraineurs it can trigger an attack.



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If you are affected by this issue and may be willing to share your experiences with the media, please get in touch. Contact Rachel via email here or call 0116 275 8317. If you are affected by this issue and may be willing to take part in our light bulb trial with Megaman, please read the information below and complete the pre-trial survey.


Migraine Action acts as the 'voice of migraineurs' The charity often campaigns on the issues that are important to the 8 million migraineurs in the UK. For information on current campaigns please click on the links below.

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Incandescent light bulb ban

As part of the Government's phasing out of all incandescent (traditional bulbs) - a move designed to force householders to switch to more environmentally friendly energy-saving bulbs - retailers have been removing incandescent bulbs from their shelves. This has caused distress to the many light sensitive migraineurs who find that energy saving bulbs can trigger or make their migraines worse.

MA has been voicing the concerns of migraineurs since the ban was first made public and is part of the Spectrum Alliance, a group set up to campaign and lobby on this issue. Our position remains that health concerns need to be taken seriously and more research needs to be done to look at the affect these bulbs can have on migraine (and lots of other conditions such as Lupas and ME). We believe that people whose health is adversely affected should still be able to easily obtain incandescent bulbs.

By September 2012 all incandescent bulbs were out of production.


Visit The Spectrum Alliance's website to find out more about the group and their campaigning activities.

MA continues to campaign on this issue.