Migraine Action: What We Do














Migraine Action is the UK’s leading support charity for people affected by migraine.


  • Gather and pass on information about treatments and management techniques available for the control and relief of migraine, and facilitate an exchange of information on the subject.
  • Provide friendly, positive reassurance, understanding and encouragement to migraineurs and their families to help reduce the impact of migraine.
  • Work with employers and employees to reduce the impact of migraine in the workplace.
  • Campaign and lobby government, industry bodies and scientific organisations on issues affecting the lives and well being of migraineurs.
  • Act as ‘the voice of migraineurs’ throughout the UK, highlighting the realities of living with migraine, increasing understanding of this misunderstood condition and raising its profile through our work in the media.
  • Encourage the opening of specialist headache clinics and support their work. Encourage, support and help to raise funds for research and investigation into migraine, its causes, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Enable migraineurs to share experiences in numerous ways, including at our Migraine Insight Events and facilitate the setting up of support group meetings around the UK.


Just a few of the ways we could help you

  • Help you to understand and manage your migraine more effectively, such as helping you identify your trigger factors and early warning signs.
  • Eliminate feelings of isolation by providing support and keeping you in touch with other migraineurs, through articles and feedback in our members’ magazine, Challenging Migraine.*
  • Provide information on various aspects of migraine including details of the latest treatments to help bring your condition under control.
  • Keep you informed about the latest migraine research. Highlight volunteer appeals by specialists in the field for clinical research trials and other studies.
  • Help you to find the best way forward with regards to treatment and management via our Specialist Headache Nurse telephone service.*

All of our services are made possible through donations and by people becoming members of Migraine Action.

Click here to become a member or click here to make a donation towards one of our projects.

*Members only / paid for service